vnvn-web-design-aboutFashion is a term often applied to a person wearing the costumes in vogue at one time or another, but this concept is often only a personal expression through dress. Words like "trendy Page" or "trendy" is the term used to describe someone with or without matching trend vogue expression onions. Fashion is one of the representatives for the civilization of mankind.

The concept of fashion is often understood in a positive sense, used to describe the beauty expression, charm and style. Sometimes This concept also means negative as to describe a fad, grotesque nature.

Fashion trends can be interpreted as the emergence of the movement, the fashion is and will return prevailed in a certain time period. Today's fashion trends are often strongly influenced by these celebrities (the superstar, singer, famous models ...), and often is forecast through the collection the designer of the famous or well-known fashion houses in the world.

In the fashion trends are divided into several categories such as fashion streetwear, fashion feast, fashion office, etc.

Street fashion often fundamentalist appearance of the famous stars like singers, famous actors.

Office fashion often fundamentalist of the designers, when they designed these beautiful costumes office, they promote so well known and many users, while the spread of products will create a office fashion trends.
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